Online Research Seminar, Anxiety and Resilience at sea : The Republic of Cyprus as a Maritime Power, Wednesday, 12 May 2021, 11:30 – 13:00 🗓

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The School of Law and the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs of the University of Nicosia  would like to invite you to the  ONLINE Research Seminar  ANXIETY AND RESILIENCE AT SEA: THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS AS A MARITIME POWER   By  Mr Petros Petrikkos  PhD candidate  Wednesday, 12 May 2021  11:30 – 13:00  Chair: Dr Andreas Kirlappos, Part-time Faculty and Research Associate  University of Nicosia  Cyprus manifests a favourable narrative by projecting an ontological question of security on EU and neighbouring countries: a maritime or EEZ threat to the Republic of Cyprus is also a threat to other countries with vested interests in the region. In theorising Cypriot ontological security, this work examines the implications of being a maritime state has on the Republic of Cyprus’ foreign, defence, and security policies since 2003. Specifically, it takes into consideration insecurity, anxiety, and resilience generated at regional level through Cypriot external relations and contestations over maritime priorities, such as those with the Republic of Turkey, and how, in turn, these shape not only Cypriot national strategy, but how this also contributes to a reformation of EU policy. Out of this examination, another two questions can be raised: (a) how does Cyprus secure its interests as a small maritime power, and (b) how effective are current Cypriot and EU policies in mitigating maritime security crises in the region?   *R.S.V.P. until May 11, 12:00 noon by e-mail: [email protected]  **Zoom link:  Tags: Anxiety and Resilience at sea : The Republic of Cyprus as a Maritime Power, Cyprus Center of European and I...
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